Beat Online Slots

Beat Online Slots

What you notice about many of these publications is most of them are sketchy at best. Most of them are written on assumption, hearsay, and superstition, and most of the information you can get out of them that can actually improve your slots playing is bare at best. This can be a very frustrating thing for slots lovers. I have spoken to so many slots players who have gotten discouraged because they have gone out and spent money on a book only to take it home to realize that the information in it is worthless. Who can blame a slots player for getting discouraged under these circumstances? But alas, all is not lost. In attempt to help all those slots players around the world who have entered land based and online casinos only to find that the books in their hand bags and the notes in their wallets are useless, I have attempted to assemble in one place, an online reference of all the REAL useable wisdom on how to improve your slots game.

One Coin on Every Slots Payline All The Time

One of the unfortunate facts of slots, especially online slots is that no matter what the jackpot size of a game, you almost always have to place a bet on the maximum number of paylines in order to activate the jackpot. Unless you’re wise to this fact you could spend all night playing an online slots game hoping for the jackpot, only to find that the whole time you were playing the game it was impossible for you to actually win the jackpot.

Now you should keep in mind that although activating the jackpot is a great way to maximize your chances of coming out on top in a slots game, it is not the only way to play slots successfully. Depending on how much money you have to play with it might be in your best interest to vary the number of paylines you bet on in order to enable you to sustain your Slots session for a longer period. This in itself can translate into giving you a greater possibility of getting more payouts. You have to decide what works best for you. If you have lots of money, then definitely bet max paylines. If not stagger it. Play a few spins with fewer paylines then bet a few with max paylines.

Different Jackpots Different Slots Reels

As mentioned in the last entry, many slots have different jackpots and different numbers of reels. To some people this may see a bit daunting. But it is actually quite empowering. The fact is you have a great deal of control over how you spend your money. Take the time to consider how much money you have and how fast you want to spend it. Obviously if you want to play slots all night, and you don’t have a huge bankroll then you need to spend your money more slowly. Now, the question is how do you do this and still maintain a reasonable possibility of payouts. The answer to this question is Reels. Different slots have different numbers of reels, and the number of reels that a slots game has effects the number of paylines. And as we said in the last entry, you often need to bet on every payline to activate the jackpot. So! If you track down Slots games that offer a good jackpot but with a fewer number of paylines, then it is much cheaper. For instance, if you are playing a 5-reel slot game you may only have a total of three paylines, but if you have a 7-reel Slots game there may be as many as nine paylines! Now the trick here is to find a slot machine that not only has a low number of reels and paylines, but also has a high jackpot. They are rarer, but if you do manage to find one, it can be as profitable as playing max paylines on a mega jackpot slots game, but without the cost. You can play slots much longer without losing the payouts!