Know The Slots Game Payout Percentages

Know The Slots Game Payout PercentagesWith a little bit of research, you can greatly enhance your slots winning potential. The biggest-and when I say the biggest I mean the indisputable, universal, definitive biggest-the biggest factor in determining your chances of winning with slots, and how much you win when you do, is the payout percentage. All slots games use a suite of programmed software to tell it how often it will payout and how much. Now I know what you’re thinking-slot games are supposed to be random right? Well they are. The machine may not know exactly when it will payout, but the payout percentage tells the machine that after a certain amount of money has been put into it, it must pay back. So given this information, it makes perfect sense that the best way to determine how much you will win, is by choosing the slots game with the highest payout percentage. The payout percentage is not always listed in an obvious place. And sometimes is not listed at all. On land based Sots games look on the payout explanation card usually on the front of the machine somewhere. If it’s not there see if there is an instruction section of the game. If you can’t find it ANYWHERE on the machine, then ask someone at the casino, by law they have to tell you.

Most online slots list their payout percentage somewhere in the Help section of the online casino. If you can’t find it anywhere there then try calling the casino’s customer service line. Most online casinos have a 24-hour customer service line.

It is important to understand the concept of payout percentages when playing the slots. In one way, it’s very easy to visualize the payout percentage of a machine as being the compliment of the house edge. Slot machines with a posted 95% payback could be called machines with a 5% house edge. A 90% slot machine has a 10% house edge.
There is a difference though between how a slot machines payout percentage applies to your play, and how the house edge applies to a table game’s play. Imagine you are playing a $1 slot machine, starting with $100. Playing this money through you might end up with 120 credits on the machine. For this segment of your play the payback percentage is 120/100, or 120%. If lets say you now play that $120 through the machine, and you only end up with $78 after 120 tries. The machine, since you started playing initially has taken in ($100 + $120) and given up ($120 + $78) for a payback percentage of 198/220 or 90%. You continue to play and put your remaining $78 dollars through; this time you have $70 remaining. The machine still calculates (120 + 78 + 70) / (100 + 120 + 78) = 268/298 = 90%.

Unfortunately, the situation listed above is not very realistic. In reality, the payout of any given slot machine varies much more. The unfortunate thing about slots is that you can continue to play according to the above example and experience a low payout percentage. But this is also what makes slots popular-it’s the uncertainty. Slot Games ensure that some players get lucky and really win big, while other players don’t, and that’s just the way things are, and what makes slots so much fun!