Bet Right On Slots Progressives

In an online casino they are simply called normal slots and progressive slots. Normal slots, are slots that offer a static jackpot, that is a fixed jackpot that doesn’t change no matter when you play or how many people have played before you-with a Normal slot game you know that whenever you go to play that game the jackpot will always be the same. Progressive Slots games however, have a jackpot that continues to grow the more people who play it. So the longer a progressive Slots game goes without paying out, the higher the jackpot will be. Progressive Jackpots are almost always much larger than those with a normal slots machine.

Bet Right On Slots ProgressivesIn a land based slots casino you can usually identify the progressive machines by the electronic displays advertising the always increasing jackpots. In a land based casino, there are three types of progressives: The standalone Progressive, Linked Progressive, and the Wide Area Progressive. The Standalone Progressive has its own independent jackpot value. The only thing that affects the value of the jackpot in a standalone slot is the people playing on that one machine alone. The Linked Progressive is one of multiple machines linked together, sharing the same progressive jackpot. The more players that play each machine in the “Bank” the bigger the pot rises. But be aware that anyone playing a machine in the same Bank can win the jackpot. And just because they win doesn’t mean you’ll get a piece of it. But what you can do, which is really cool, is sit down to a bank of linked progressives and make an agreement to share the jackpot should anyone get it. The Wide Area Progressives are simply slots that are linked over a very wide area, perhaps between casinos in the same city, or even casinos in different countries. The same rules apply to winning the jackpot with these, with the exception that it is much harder to organize a team if you are playing with people in different countries.

Like Normal Slots games, you have to play maximum coins on a progressive machine to be able to win the progressive jackpot. If you don’t play maximum coins, you’re just building the casinoland review jackpot for someone else with no chance to win it yourself. In addition, how would you feel if the three Megabucks symbols landed on the payline and you played only one coin, so you won $10,000 instead of $10,000,000? Always play maximum coins when playing a progressive.