Super Slots

Super SlotsSlots are perhaps the most prevalent form of gambling in the world today. We call it Super Slots, not only are they by far the most popular attraction at casinos, but in many parts of the world they can also be found elsewhere, in places such as corner stores, bars, pool halls, gas stations, and just about anywhere that people with money frequent. Now I don’t want to go overboard with this assertion, obviously slots are not found in the middle of the forest or a Columbian village, but you can almost bet that if you rigged a slot machine to accept eggs, stones, and handicrafts, everyone would flock from all over the countryside to play this most entertaining of games.

For instance, other games like blackjack, poker and especially Roulette are not as common because they take more of a commitment from the player. With those games you’re much more responsible for the strategy that you take, now some people will say that this adds to the amount of fun to be had with the more complicated games. This is true for some people but the opposite can be true depending on the type of person you are. If you are a regular person, not well versed in the ways of gambling etiquette, than slots may very well be more fun for you because you don’t have to stress yourself out about learning a ton of new rules, and so on and so forth. Slot machine are still, after all, games of chance just like just about every gambling game in existence, but the whole experience of playing slots is fundamentally different from playing most other gambling games weather you are playing in a casino or outside of a casino.

How Slots work and why they are Super

Some similarities between superslots and games like roulette is that in both you are betting a certain amount that a given outcome will arise based on a random effect. The random effect in the slot machine is the spinning of the wheel, but the random effect in roulette table is the Roulette wheel, both yield a completely random result, and both by spinning them—but the similarities just about end there. Slots are games where the actual act of spinning the randomizing device, in the case of slots they are the reels, can be a highly entertaining venture. Slots are designed by their makers to be a complete entertainment package, that not only provide the thrill of the bet but also the splendor and amazement of a live-action multimedia entertainment platform. In the best slot machines every pull of the lever is like a split second tour of Las Vegas and Disney world combined—it has all the lights and sound of a Disney land rollercoaster ride combined with the Las Vegas thrill of winning money.

Many slot machines are designed with several elements integrated into the device that yields the multimedia experience that Slot machines are famous for. At the top of the machine, for instance, usually rests a number of lights. Sometimes the lights are just alone and blink on and off, other times the machines have a bank of lights that contain different colored lenses and strobes that truly make for an awesome effect if you win. Another thing to note is that not all slot machines give the amazing sound and light show they are famous for every time you push the spin button. For instance, some slot machines only give you a dramatic display when you win. Again some people like this while others not so much. What’s good about it is it saves up that real exciting blast of music and lights for a big event, this way when you do win, the experience is all the more fantastic. The other side of this is that to some people without the special effects, each spin, the plays start to become a little boring. But this is a small percentage of slots players, the vast majority are entertained every spin by the other elements of the game which you get to enjoy every spin on just about every slot game in existence. They believe the sound of spin is a big part of playing super slots.