Video Slots – Pros and Cons

Video Slots - Pros and Cons

Video Slots is a relatively new area of the slots business that emerged around the mid-eighties with the development of a Random Number Generator in a microchip. The microchip randomly selects the Reel Stop Positions, which are displayed using a graphical representation of the reels on a video screen. In the last few years’ video slots have become incredibly popular, and are also the basis for Online Slots, another booming area of slots gaming.

Unlike Reel Slots, which are limited by space and complexity, Video Slots can have, in theory, an unlimited number of reels, paylines, and symbols. Most video slots however, tend to stay between 3 to 7 reels, with up to 49 paylines. The number of symbols in any given video slots game tends to be high, with hundreds or even thousands, depending on the games jackpot, and the payout structure.

Video Slots Pros

There are many advantages to video slots. For one, video slots can offer you many more possible winning combinations, which can translate into more wins over all if you are playing the right game. Also, video slots give you a far greater range of coin sizes to play with. Within the same game you may be able to play anywhere from 1 cent coins to $100 coins, something unheard of in traditional reel slots. These expanded play features generally add to the amount of control a player has, allowing you to use more strategy in picking and choosing your bets. The other great feature of video slots is that a single game may offer any number of bonus games and special events that reel slot could simply never provide.

Video Slots Cons

Unfortunately, with some Video Slots that offer higher numbers of paylines, you can get into a situation where you are betting so much that it is much harder to make a win that is actually more than your bet. The best advice to avoid this scenario is through trial and error. If you prefect to bet using all the paylines, test out several different games and the ones that yield wins that are more than your bet, is obviously the one you want to play.